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Sprachtechnologie | Linguistic Engineering | Ingénieurie linguistique

Lingenio GmbH is the producer of the machine translation system translate, the dictionary suite translateDict™ and the web-based integrated solution Lingenio Translation Server. Lingenio also offers services in the field of translation, text analysis and text management. Since its founding in 1999, Lingenio has repeatedly set up standards with its technology. The core of this technology is up to now said to be a technological standard for the development of rule-based machine translation systems.

Our objective is, by continuous research and the transfer of scientific knowledge, to improve automatic translation, text production and text analysis permanently and to develop them more effectively and efficiently.

Lingenio provides competent assistance for translation, automatic text standardization and summarization according to different customized standards, the compilation of translation memories, glossaries and special dictionaries for companies and for private use.

Lingenio technologies make an essential contribution to cost and time savings.

The innovative technologies developed by Lingenio have been recognized by a long line of renowned national and international awards.

Lingenio safeguards the pioneering status of its technology by collaborating with a great many national and international universities and companies, including CCID TransTech Co. Ltd. Beijing (China) or Spoken Translation, Inc. (USA). In addition, Lingenio is involved in a number of research projects and is a prolific publisher of its own articles on the improvement and optimisation of machine translation infrastructure.

Company history

A brief overview of the history, developments and achievements of Lingenio GmbH.


  • Foundation of Lingenio GmbH (as a spin offstage logic Based Machine translatory movement project at the scientific center Heidelberg of the IBM Germany).
  • Cooperation with Linguatec Sprachtechnologien GmbH.
  • Development of the translation software Personal Translator.


  • Lingenio parts with its partner Linguatec and is newly founded. Linguatec Development & Services turns into Lingenio GmbH.
  • Cooperation with digital publishing.
  • Development of the succeeding translation software translate.


  • Development of the innovative software suite office wörterbuch, the successor of which would be translateDict™ from 2011 on, rewarded several times with the well-known doIT-Software-research award of Baden-Württemberg.


  • The research project ReflectDict on intelligent dictionary functions is funded by the Federal ministry for Education and Research.
  • Cooperation with the University of Stuttgart in the field of basic linguistic research.
  • Cooperation with PONS and Haufe Mediagroup.


  • translate 12 is put on the market and was chosen among the 10 best of  the Industriepreiswettbewerb of the Initiative Mittelstand.
  • translate pro network and click & translate 4 are published.
  • Cooperation with Duden: Lingenio develops and delivers a technology for the new Duden Proof Factory.


  • Lingenio sponsors the 33. Annual meeting of the German Linguistic Society in Göttingen.
  • Prof. Eberle, managing director of Lingenio GmbH reads a paper on machine translation and the human translator at the 4th Conference of the Organization of Professional Interpreters and Translators.
  • Cooperation with the University of Leeds within the European research project HyghTra on the relation of statistical and rule-based methods in machine translation.
  • translateDict 4 is published.


  • Lingenio organizes, in cooperation with the University of Leeds, a workshop on hybrid translation at the 13th conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL), the first of several workshops with Lingenio as one of the organizers.
  • Lingenio puts translation-apps for iPhone and iPad on the market.
  • Lingenio takes part in the European research project LEILAS on language-based entity identification for location aware services.


  • Lingenio’s full text translator wwwtranslate is published as a translation app for Android.
  • Funding by the Federal Ministry of Economy within its Zentralen Innovationsprogramms Mittelstand for the project FlexNeuroTrans by Lingenio.
  • Version 12.1 of the product suite translate is published.


  • Lingenio Translation Server Plug-Ins are put on the market for the machine translation directly in WordPress, SDL Trados and OmegaT.
  • Cooperation with Canoo and publication of a mutual language analysis tool .
  • Kindle edition of Lingenio dictionary translateDict™ is published.
  • translate pro 12.1 netzwerk, the network equivalent to translate pro 12.1 is put out on the market.
  • Prof. Eberle, managing director of Lingenio GmbH, reads a paper at the International Conference of Translators in London on the tool AutoLearn<word> by Lingenio.
  • Lingenio extends ist offers and services to the B2B market.


  • Lingenio publishes the online translation platform wwwtranslate.
  • Cooperation with the chinese IT company CCID TransTech.
  • The language pair English-Chinese is added to the online translation platform wwwtranslate.
  • Lingenio is one of the organizers of the 4th international workshop on hybrid translation, which takes place at the ACL-conference in Beijing.