Language Technology

How Does Machine Translation Work?

Lingenio’s products feature state-of-the-art language technology. The translate series of translation products has proven itself on the market for over ten years. In 2005, the Office Dictionary series was launched which has the revolutionary IntelliDict® technology.

Machine translation is the core of our activities. Here you can learn more about this technology which tries to come to grips with something as complex as natural language. Keep on reading.

The Technology behind translate

You can learn more about the technological foundations of the Translate products, the funcitioning of its core components and about its grammar. Keep on reading.

translate‘s Linguistic Capabilities

We show you with a number of examples how Translate deals with linguistic phenomena and what its capabilities are. Keep on reading.


The new feature AutoLearn<word> enables you to automatically extract new word relations from current translations and to store them in your user dictionary. The time and expense of retrieving new relations from the texts by hand and creating new dictionary entries can be omitted. Keep on reading.


The feature TranSelect® enables you to use suitable alternative word translations instead of those, suggested by machine translation. Your can choose alternatives for the current sentence or for the whole text. The grammatical relations are corrected automatically. Keep on reading.

IntelliDict® Technology

The idea behind IntelliDict® technology is that a sentence, which contains the word you are looking for, is syntactically analyzed, and only then an appropriate translation is determined. Even for ambiguous words the best translation can be found by using IntellicDict®Keep on reading.

FlexiFind® Technology

The new function FlexiFind® analyzes the expression entered in the dictionary search field. The function recognizes the most important word in the expression and finds the most appropriate translation. At the same time, it displays translations for accompanying words that are specific for the search context. So at a glance you get all the information you need for the best translation of the entire expression. Keep on reading.

translate editor

Open the source text you want to translate in translate editor. All important functionalities for translation and text management are available on hidden and visible tool bars. translate editor helps you to get the best translation as quick as possible. Keep on reading.

translate web

translate web enables you to translate whole web pages in Internet Explorer, retaining the layout and functions. Moreover, translate web allows you to access translate’s dictionary directly for convenient searches. Keep on reading.