Whatever you want to say, we put it into words!

Lingenio—linguistic know-how for your successful business communication.

We optimize text generation by language technology, connect text management with an international communication. With our user friendly software you will use the latest scientific knowledge in linguistics for the language of your company.

Knowledge is important capital for your company. With scientifically sound linguistic methods we process texts and make sure that your employees will easily find the existing company knowledge, being able to put it into words in multilingual texts.

Nowadays product and service descriptions are subject not only to international standards and regulations but also to Corporate Communication guidelines. On the basis of a linguistic text analysis we provide you with a software support that matches exactly to your company and enables you to speak your company’s language and communicate successfully with your customers.

We offer software support in the following fields:

  • translation in both directions of texts written by experts on special subjects, translation of home pages, blogs etc.
  • simplification, summarization and standardization of multilingual texts
  • searching and listing references of German, English, French expert texts according to special terms
  • text generation adapted to your special needs
  • terminologycheck (German, English, French, Chinese): search for references, concordances, definitions and examples in texts
  • multilingual dictionary builder with your company’s vocabulary and glossary
  • creation of specific translation memory entries and translation templates
  • writing of texts on the basis of checked terminology and sentence structure (German, English, French, Chinese)
  • set up of standards and relating them to special reference words
  • optimized use of your company’s information for partners, customers and employees
  • better results for searches on your company’s homepage
  • other services you may find under configuration of tools.

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