Configuration of Tools

We configure tools for many purposes in the domain of language support – precisely tailored to your needs.

The corresponding achievements are provided as a web service normally where the corresponding functionality may be used via web interfaces or integrated into other solutions via APIs. Of course, the solutions may also be provided differently, as a costumer intranet solution or, in particular cases, as local offline installation.

The solutions listed below are classified by three main topics and cover a wide range of desiderata. Nevertheless, we are aware of the fact that there are many other needs in the context of efficient language processing. Please contact us if you are interested in supplementary features. If the corresponding preconditions can be met, we offer preparation and configuration of new tools on demand. Of course, definition of  a corresponding joint development project is an option.

Achievement and time of the provision of the solutions listed depends on the specific needs of the customer and the degree of availability of the corresponding core software so that some of the solutions can be provided typically in a few days or weeks, e.g. the Text Analysis Tools and Dictionary Builder where others, more depending on the customer pecularities like Text Standardizer and Text Summarizer, will need a little bit longer.

Please contact us for further information, prices and individual advice by sending us an e-mail.

Please click on the respective item of the topics list to find more information.

Text Modificationul>
  • Text Simplifier
  • Text Standardizer
  • Text Summarizer
  • Corpus Search Toolsul>
  • Intelligent Concordancer
  • Dictionary Builder
  • Translation Templates Builder
  • Translation Memory (TM) Modificationul>
  • TM Multiplier
  • Standardizationul>
  • Text Standardization
  • Translation Memory (TM) Standardization
  • Dictionary Standardization
  • Text analysisul>
  • Lemmatizer
  • Morphological Annotator
  • Syntactic Annotator
  • Semantic Annotator
  • Discourse Analyzer
  • Text Generation

  • Please contact us for further information, prices and individual advice by sending us an e-mail.