Data Preparation

We prepare data for you!

Besides various tools—precisely tailored to your needs—(see configuration of tools) we also offer to prepare resources for you in various domains.

The benefit of having data prepared by Lingenio instead of using corresponding tool output is that you avoid post-editing and obtain data that have been already checked and that are exactly adjusted to the form you prefer (e.g. a TMX formatted Translation Memory (TM) with specific attributes).

For example, if you want a TM or dictionary built from bilingual texts that are available to you, you may either use the corresponding Lingenio tool (the Lingenio sentence aligner and the Dictionary Builder or translate‘s AutoLearn<word> functionality, respectively) and check the results, or you engage Lingenio to do the data collection and checking for you.

Please contact us for further information, prices and individual advice by sending us an e-mail.