Understanding Texts

You know German well and prefer to read texts in the original. But does this mean, you do not need any help at all in understanding texts? With translate you can easily look up words and idioms, or have sentence translated whose meaning is not clear to you. This is easiest with click&translate a tool which is included in the translate plus and translate pro versions and which remains in the background until you look up a word or translate a sentence from any Windows application.

And if you find reading the original text too tedious, then just have it translated completely. Simply open a text file in the program or copy the text via the clipboard. Web pages you translate best using translate web which is included in all versions of translate. With translate plus and translate pro you can translate e-mails directly in Outlook. In translate pro you have add-ins for the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint, so that translating documents, tables, or presentations becomes even more convenient.

In general, translations you obtain using translate are not error free but they usually are comprehensible. You can significantly improve translation results by selecting appropriate options and by defining unknown words in a user dictionary.