Composing Texts

If you know German well, you may not take to write texts first in English and then to translate them, but you compose them right away in the target language. But if a word does not come to mind, if you are unsure about its meaning or about its usage, if you do not know how to express yourself, then translate is there to help.

Simply look up the unknown word in translate or formulate your sentence in English and have it translated by translate. Even if translate will occasionally make mistakes, you will quickly realize that the program helps you to compose texts more quickly and with better quality.

This is even more convenient with the auxiliary program click&translate which is contained in the translate plus and translate pro versions, since the translation and lookup functions are available in every Windows application.

If you find it too tedious to formulate directly in the foreign language, then have your English text completely translated by translate. Please keep in mind that automatic translation cannot be error free and check the results or have them checked to avoid misunderstandings. Sometimes translating back may be useful to get an idea whether the translation results are plausible.