FlexiFind® – The Intelligent Search Function

The new function FlexiFind® analyzes the expression entered in the dictionary search field. The function recognizes the most important word in the expression and finds the most appropriate translation. At the same time, it displays translations for accompanying words that are specific for the search context. So at a glance you get all the information you need for the best translation of the entire expression.

For example, if you want a translation of the expression Abschied einreichen in the sentence Der Polizeichef reicht seinen Abschied ein, then the FlexiFind® function marks the word reicht as main word in the search field. In the result window the translations apply for einreichen and discharge for Abschied are indicated with the yellow Lingenio context arrow.


As another example, if you enter the expression It rains cats and dogs, FlexiFind® identifies rains as the main word and includes the context cats and dogs in the search, so as best result it marks in Strömen gießen.