The new feature AutoLearn<word> enables you to automatically extract new word relations from current translations and to store them in your user dictionary. The time and expense of retrieving new relations from the texts by hand and creating new dictionary entries can be omitted.

Watch a tutorial here.


There are two general application areas for AutoLearn<word>: The texts opened in the translation center and the translations in the sentence archives.

While you post-process a translation, place your cursor at an appropriate position in the text window, and choose from the menu Dictionary → AutoLearn<word> suggestions one of the commands for current sentence, for all sentences from cursor or for all sentences in the text. The results are shown in a separate window, where you can add them individually or all together immediately to your user dictionary (add immediately) or save them for later editing (save for later editing).

Important: If you used TranSelect® or if word alternatives were displayed, you must remove the alternatives (by using the context menu or key F4) before you start AutoLearn<word>.


If you add a suggestion, immediately the word pair will be added to your user dictionary. To edit this entry click on the corresponding word in the source text window and open your user dictionary by pressing F11 or by choosing Look Up/Edit Word from the menu Dictionary. The dictionary opens up showing the corresponding entry. Now you can edit the AutoLearn<word> suggestions.

If you have edited all entries, select your standard user dictionary as your active user dictionary. You can then add the edited entries from the AutoLearn<word> dictionary into your user dictionary by using the Dictionary → Tools → Merge utility.

AutoLearn <word> is also available for sentence archives. You can have dictionary entries suggested to you either from the active sentence archive only (AutoLearn → AutoLearn<word> from sentence archives → from active sentence archive) or from all (active and passive) sentence archives (AutoLearn→ AutoLearn<word> from sentence archives → from all sentence archives). The procedure is as explained above.

Please note, that translate can also integrate sentence archives from other systems and build sentence pair lists. If so you should have reference translations, you can integrate them and extract from them new entries so that translate will be adjusted to your specifications.