Lingenio translateDict™ 4 is the successor to the successful office wörterbuch series. With this further development of the intelligent dictionary, Lingenio continues to go for more innovation and user friendliness. Greatly increased lookup comfort eases the way to the translations you need.

Unlike previous dictionaries for the PC, translateDict™ 4 enables you to enter entire phrases and sentences in the search field. FlexiFind®  finds the most important word and any entered words that go with it in a meaningful expression and gives you their translations in that context.

Full support for creating and editing new user dictionaries plus easy import of existing user dictionaries make translateDict™ 4 a thoroughly flexible dictionary. Lookup from all Windows applications via mouse click or hotkeys, ease of use, and customization are all there for your comfort in translateDict™ 4.


New Features and Technologies

FlexiFind® – The Intelligent Search Function

The new function FlexiFind® analyzes the expression entered in the dictionary search field. The function recognizes the most important word in the expression and finds the most appropriate translation. At the same time, it displays translations for accompanying words that are specific for the search context. So at a glance you get all the information you need for the best translation of the entire expression.

Extended Read-Aloud Function1

The extended read-aloud function uses speech synthesis to let you hear the pronunciation of any dictionary entries, not only in the source language but also in the target language.

New Entries from Eurrent Multilingual Web Texts

translateDict™ 4 includes a large number of additional contemporary word usages that have been collected using statistical methods from multilingual web texts.

Product Versions

translateDict™ 4 Edition ISBN/GTIN Price
German-English SE 2 978-3-942253-10-9 44,99 € Order now
DLE 3 4280000325112 39,99 € Order now
German-French SE 978-3-942253-11-6 44,99 € Order now
DLE 4280000325129 39,99 € Order now
English-French SE 978-3-942253-13-0 44,99 € Order now
DLE 4280000325143 39,99 € Order now
translateDict™ 4 basic Edition ISBN/GTIN Price
German-Spanish SE 978-3-942253-12-3 24,99 € Order now
DLE 4280000325136 19,99 € Order now

System Requirements

PC (x86 compatible), 32MB RAM
170 MB free HDD space
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 Bit)


  1. Speech output and voices are not included.
  2. Standard Edition
  3. Download Edition