translateDict™ 4 Kindle-Edition



translateDict™ Kindle-Edition enables you to look up words right from your amazon Kindle with one click. While reading a book, a magazine, a newspaper or any other content translations can be displayed for single words with additional information on usage examples as well as information on part of speech, subject area, gender and possible contextual conditions. It is also possible to search for inflected words.


  • incl. specific vocabulary such as IT, business, law, and more
  • search for inflected words
  • many using examples and descriptions
  • detailed information on part of speech, subject area, gender, syntax and morphology as well as possible contextual conditions
  • new entries based on current multilingual webpages

translateDict™ Kindle-Edition is available for German-French and French-German as well as German-English and English-German.

translateDict™ German-English (Kindle-Edition) 12,99 € Order now
translateDict™ English-German (Kindle-Edition) 12,99 € Order now
translateDict™ German-French (Kindle-Edition) 12,99 € Order now
translateDict™ French-German (Kindle-Edition) 12,99 € Order now

Usage Instructions

After your order you receive a download link to a .mobi file. Connect your Kindle Reader with your computer using a mini-USB to USB-cable. Your computer will now automatically recognize the connected device. In the opening window you find a folder named “Documents”. Copy the downloaded .mobi file into this folder. Done!