Corporate Solutions

t12netzwerk72blau_ohnev_1The ideal corporate solution for Windows networks. translate pro netzwerk enhances the efficiency of your translation processes. This easy to use solution provides a management system for centralized or decentralized access to your company’s terminology standards and translation data. translate pro netzwerk can be adapted flexibly to your network environment. Thanks to translate pro netzwerk, your translations become more professional while saving costs and time. Keep on reading.

The safe solution for translations within the company intranet of smaller enterprises. With translate intranet you have a safe web based translation platform of your own in your enterprise. translate intranet offers you the advantages of Lingenio’s online translator wwwtranslate with integrated dictionary function and the possibility of translating web pages on the fly, in the safe surroundings of your company intranet. translate intranet is a form of our Lingenio Translation Server (LTS) offer pre-configured especially for smaller intranets. Keep on reading.

lts_kleinThe comprehensive individual language technology solution for the company intranet. For translations and more. Lingenio Translation Server (LTS) includes the translation tools of the translate intranet package. However, the number of licenses and services integrated is freely scalable and can be adjusted individually. LTS provides a comprehensive help for your work with texts. Besides translation, dictionaries, glossary creation etc. tools for summarization, standardization, simplification or evaluation of texts can be included. Make your own choice as a customer which feature elements of the server you need and prepare your customized version of the Lingenio Translation Server together with us. Keep on reading.

The ideal solution for companies with thin client networks. All the advantages of translate pro netzwerk for terminal server networks too! You install the software on your server, and all clients can immediately use the translation functions. translate pro Terminal Server Edition (TSE) offers you high quality translation in  the familiar high translate pro quality. Keep on reading.


For usage in a company network. The intelligent dictionary translateDict™ 4 with its innovative IntelliDict® and new FlexiFind® technology is now available also for Windows networks. Now you can deploy the Lingenio dictionaries to every workplace in your company network. The functionality of the client application corresponds to that of the single-user version of translateDict™ 4. Keep on reading.