Version Comparison

pro Version 12.1 plus Version 12.1 quick Version 12
translation quality
translation modules for text, e-mails and Internet pages
AutoLearn: search through the edited translation as well as entire sentence archives and translation memories for new uses of words
TranslateContext™ for selecting and displaying alternative word translations
Options for translation, including: topic area, old or new spelling rules, British or American English
TranSelect® for adoption of translation alternatives in the target text with automatic adjustment of grammar
special analysis method for fast and robust translation of long sentences
integrated phrase archive for common idioms
automatic language identification
automatic recognition of topic areas
automatic setting of topic areas
Translate spellcheck in compliance with spelling reform
suggested corrections for spelling errors
alternative sentence translations
translateDict™ 4.1 with Duden explanations with information on pronunciation and hyphenation as well as complete definitions
Extensive general vocabulary with detailed usage rules and lexicons from numerous topic areas
TranslateDict™ the integrated version of the office dictonary
checking words from the translated text and from any Windows applications
create custom dictionaries
check and edit context-sensitive retranslations
Translate Wordwizard for easy addition of new translations with default assumptions
idiom dictionary and automatic identification of standard phrases
ease of use and integration in applications
TranslateAssistant™ context-aware user guidance and relevant information about the text and its translation
scenario manager
import of Word documents
click&translate: translate in any Windows applications
integration in Microsoft Outlook
integration in Word
integration in PowerPoint and Excel
export of custom dictionaries for integration in the Microsoft Word spellchecker
translation of PDF documents
translation of HTML files
translate web for translation of Internet pages in Internet Explorer
integration in Firefox
integrated access to WWWtranslate
speech output – optional saving in file (this feature is not available in DLElean)
support for simultaneous use by multiple users
extensive handbook as PDF
tools for professional translation
sentence archive components
import and export of sentence archives in TMX format
import and export of word lists
import and export of dictionaries in XML