translate quick


The fast translation system for text and web pages. Now with new features for boosted quality and speed of translation. Thanks to the new TranSelect® technology you can now choose quickly and easily from the suggested translations shown in the target text. Grammatical relationships are adapted automatically. translate web for the direct and fast translation of web pages.

Selection Dialog for the Optimal Translation Variants

The new TranSelect® technology is a flexible tool for selecting from the alternatives the translation best suited to the context. TranslateContext™ utilises its context knowledge to present you with suitable alternative translations for words. The grammatical relationships are corrected automatically. The word translations you select can be easily adopted for the current sentence or the whole text.

Searches Directly in the Target Text

TranslateDict™ integrates the functions of the multi award winning office wörterbuch for enhancing even further the quality of your translation. You can therefore easily retrieve translations both in Windows applications and in the target text. TranslateDict™ conducts a quick and easy analysis by back translating the results returned by translate.

Direct and Easy Translations of Web Pages

translate web lets you translate whole web pages directly in Internet Explorer (Version 5.0 or later), retaining the layout and functions. Moreover, translate web allows you to access the translate dictionary directly for convenient searches.

Easy to Use

The TranslateAssistant™  helps you to find quickly the best possible translation. This interactive wizard features an assistant info window that keeps you informed at all times on the status of the translation, the translation settings, and the text details. The TranslateAssistant™ also helps you to navigate by presenting you with a list of possible followup activities.

Fast Access to

The wwwtranslate interface also takes you quickly and easily to the Lingenio online translation portal. There you will find a large number of additional usages for your research.