translate intranet



Do you want to use a safe web-based translation platform in your company? translate intranet offers you all the advantages of our online-translator wwwtranslate in the safe surrounding of your own company intranet. With 50 licenses it is an offer for smaller companies.

Your Advantages

  • browser-based graphical user interface, easy to use
  • freely adjustable for the perfect integration into your internal web pages
  • safe and private translation of company documents
  • integration of text translation and dictionary look up
  • flexible use of your own sources
  • customized versions if needed
  • the platform will be installed directly on your server, no client set up needed
  • translation and dictionary tools at affordable prices

Functions and Technologies of translate intranet

  • directly translate and integrate websites in order to extend your internet appearance
  • integrated subject choice for special expert translations
  • choice of British English / American English for your translation
  • show alternative word translations in the translated text
  • large integrated expert dictionaries for many special subjects
  • easy integration of your own dictionaries, glossaries, terninologies, sentence and translation-archives

Includes translateDict™ intranet

  • translate intranet includes a web-based version of the Lingenio dictionary translateDict™
  • with detailed classifications regarding form, meaning and context of the translation
  • with references to typical use
  • includes the official Duden explanations to German dictionary entries consisting of the explanation of meaning, information on syllabification and pronunciation
  • intelligent analysis of the source text with FlexiFind® for the emphasis of the contextually most suitable translation

Includes translate pro Desktop Version for the Administrator

  • build up and maintain your own dictionaries and translation memories (TMs)
  • exchange of dictionaries from foreign sources by standard interfaces
  • import and export of TMs via standard interfaces (above all exchange with TRADOS and TMs from other CAT-Tools)
  • learning new word translations from TMs with AutoLearn<word>
  • dynamic subject area administration

translate intranet is available for the following language pairs:

  • German-English / English-German
  • German-French / French-German
  • English-Chinese / Chinese-English1

translate intranet can be extended regarding the number of licences but also regarding the functions. You can find further information on that in the description of the Lingenio Translation Server and in the description of Lingenio’s services. The prices depend on the license volume.


  1. translateDict™ intranet and translate pro administrator are not available for this language pair