translateDict 4 netzwerk



translateDict™ 4 in your company network. The intelligent dictionary translateDict™ 4 with its innovative IntelliDict® and new FlexiFind® technology is now also available for Windows networks. Now you can deploy the Lingenio dictionaries to every workplace in your company network. The functionality of the client application corresponds to that of the single-user version of translateDict™ 4.

Make your own company terminology available and support conformity to your standards. You can create your own dictionaries in translateDict 4 netzwerk, edit and administer them centrally, and make them available via the automatic synchronization function in the entire network. Thus all your employees can access the latest version of your company vocabulary.

The concurrent license model enables automatic issue of short-term licenses and reservation of notebook licenses to allow offline usage of translateDict™ 4 netzwerk. So translateDict™ 4 netzwerk can be used flexibly online und offline.

translateDict™ netzwerk enables easy central installation and administration. After the installation of the Basis pack including the license console in a central directory the translateDict™ 4 client application can be installed on any number of client computers.


translateDict 4 netzwerk is available as standard package with 10 licenses for the language pairs:

New Features and Technologies

FlexiFind® – The Intelligent Search Function

The new function FlexiFind® analyzes the expression entered in the dictionary search field. The function recognizes the most important word in the expression and finds the most appropriate translation. At the same time, it displays translations for accompanying words that are specific for the search context. So at a glance you get all the information you need for the best translation of the entire expression.

Extended Read-Aloud Function1

The extended read-aloud function uses speech synthesis to let you hear the pronunciation of any dictionary entries, not only in the source language but also in the target language.  

New Entries from Current Multilingual Web Texts

translateDict™ 4 netzwerk includes a large number of additional contemporary word usages that have been collected using statistical methods from multilingual web texts.


  1. Speech output and voices are NOT included