translate pro 12 Terminal Server Edition


The ideal solution for companies with thin client networks. All the advantages of translate pro netzwerk for terminal server networks too! You install the software on your server, and all clients can immediately use the translation functions. translate pro Terminal Server Edition (TSE) offers you translation in the familiar high translate pro quality.

  • translate in terminal server network
  • easy installation and administration
  • flexible use of translate pro netzwerk, online and offline
  • export of user dictionaries into the spellchecker of Microsoft Word
  • central administration and maintenance of sentence archives and dictionaries
  • automatic synchronization
  • flexible and cost-effective licensing model
  • automatic learning of new word translations from sentence archives with AutoLearn<word>: new dictionary entries are displayed and can be added automatically or after editing to the user dictionary
  • automatic integration of word alternatives with TranSelect®: selection of suitable alternative and automatic substitution with grammatically correct alternative translation
  • Check inverse translation with TranslateDict™ to look up translations from the target text.
  • IntelliDict® takes the context into account, displays the appropriate retranslation, and lets you add it to the dictionary as the retranslation.
  • creation and administration of sentence archives and user dictionaries
  • Translation Memory (TM)-exchange with TRADOS
  • TranslateContext™ considers contextual knowledge and can auto-detect a subject area with AutoSense. Alternatively, you can choose the subject area manually.
  • translate within Microsoft Office applications
  • translate PDFs
  • TranslateAssistant™ – professional scenario manager provides an overview of all relevant settings and valuable tips
  • carefully maintained and contemporary vocabulary
  • click&translate: translate directly in Windows applications
  • translate webpages directly with translate web

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