translate pro netzwerk Licensing Model

Translating in a Network using translate pro netzwerk

translate pro netzwerk allows simultaneous use of the translation system translate pro by many users.

The concurrent licensing model provides for an automatic allocation of short-time licenses and a reservation of notebook licenses which allow using translate pro offline. Centrally maintained user dictionaries and translation memories are synchronized automatically such that all users can always work with current versions.

Easy Installation and Administration

translate pro netzwerk 12.1 is easy to install and to administer. After installing it in a shared directory in the LAN, the translate components can be installed on as many client computers as desired.


translate pro netzwerk Licenses

Short-term licenses are not consumed before a translation is carried out or a word is looked up. The licenses are allocated automatically as long as free licenses are available, and are released at the end of the day. Thus the total number of licenses—minus the notebook licenses reserved—are available again on the next day to be used again on arbitrary client computers.

Notebook licenses can be reserved by users to enable offline use of translate pro components. Reservation is for 30 days and is updated automatically when the client computer is logged in in the LAN until the user releases the license.

Here you can find an example of use (in Germa).