Concurrent License Model



Concurrent License Model

translateDict™ 4 netzwerk enables many employees to use the translation system translateDict™ 4 at the same time. The concurrent license model enables automatic issue of short-term licenses and reservation of notebook licenses to allow for offline usage of translateDict™ 4 netzwerk. Centrally maintained user dictionaries and sentence archives are synchronized automatically so that all users always have the latest versions.

Simple Installation and Administration

translateDict™ 4 netzwerk comes with easy central installation and administration. After the installation of the base pack including the license console in a central directory (or release across Windows) the translateDict™ 4 client application can be installed on any number of client computers. An employee who wishes to use translateDict™ 4 requests a license at the license console. The number of licenses available determines how many employees can use translateDict™ 4 netzwerk at the same time.

translateDict™ 4 netzwerk Licenses

Short-term Licenses

These are first allocated when a word is looked up. The licenses are issued automatically as long as the number of available licenses is not exceeded, and at the end of the day they are all automatically released again. Thus the total number of purchased licenses—minus the number of licenses reserved for notebooks—is available again the next morning for new assignment to any client computers.

Notebook Licenses

These can be reserved by users who wish to be able to use translateDict™ 4 netzwerk offline. A reservation is made initially for 30 days and is automatically extended when the notebook is logged into the LAN. The automatic extension continues until the user cancels the reservation.

Test Licenses

If there is a shortfall in the number of free licenses, the test licenses issued in the pack enable each user to enjoy the full functionality of the dictionary for 10 freely selected workdays. This gives enough time to reconfigure translateDict™ 4 netzwerk for the higher workload.