Translation Memory Multiplier

Translation Memory Multiplier computes new Translation Memory (TM) information by extracting substrings and corresponding translations from TM sentence pairs.

TM Multiplier allows you to have more translations  of your machine translation system verified by your TM information without adding substantial new TM data from foreign resources or manually.

TM Multiplier does not extract any substring from a sentence, but only those which are syntactically closed substructures of the syntactic structure of the entire sentence and whose translation can be identified as a similarly closed substructure of the target sentence. By this, unintuitive suggestions are excluded and the results can be expected to occur in many sentences and to be easily combinable for new sentence translations.

Example (about the new European solvency legislation solvency II as provided by the insurer Munich Re on the internet):


An option for TM Multiplier is to integrate features of Text Simplifier and Translation Templates Builder and provide in addition simplified versions of the original TM sentences and corresponding subclauses as well es clauses with abstract filler descriptions, as in the following example:


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