Translation Templates Builder

The Translation Templates Builder creates templates of translation memory entries from bilingual text.  Translation templates are parts of sentences annotated by linguistic information and containing variables for arguments to be filled in.

The template memory can be used like a conventional translation memory (TM)  with the important advantage that its coverage is significantly larger as sentences which cannot be matched to the sentences available in the TM for lack of similarity, now, nevertheless, may be translatable by TM information (completely or partly),  if its parts (or a subset of its parts) satisfy the constraints of the templates found.

The tool uses an extension of the feature AutoLearn<word> which is available in the Lingenio product translate 12.1 pro.

AutoLearn<structure> extends AutoLearn<word> to larger phrases and creates transfer templates by generalizing arguments to broader constraints such that the template covers many use cases.

Complex Verb Frames

A first type of examples are complex verb frames, as in the following:

einstellen (subj:NP1, obj:NP2, durch-PP:NP3)
establish (subj:τ(NP1), obj: τ(NP3) (in: τ(NP2)))

A reference (from the Europarl Corpus):

Feindseligkeiten einstellen durch Waffenstillstand – establish cease-fire in hostilities

möchten (subj:NP1, adv:regelmäßig, inf(informieren(zu:(Thema (apos:NP2))) & vp(p))
wish(subj:τ(NP1), inf:receive(obj:information(adj:regular, about: τ(NP2))))

A reference (from the Europarl Corpus) is:

Sie möchten regelmäßig zum Thema Solvency II informiert werden? – You wish to receive regular information about Solvency II?

Subclauses of Sentences

A second type relates to subclauses of sentences, for instance the task to represent the relative clause as first conjunct of a coordination with the main clause of the source sentence as the second conjunct!

τ(V1)(subj: τ(NP1),obj: τ(NP2)) and τ(V2)(subj:pro(τ(NP1)), obj: τ(NP3),durch: τ(NP4))


The company which had taken over the service provider could double revenues through the broader portfolio.

Das Unternehmen übernahm den Dienstanbieter und es verdoppelte die Einkünfte durch das breitere Portfolio

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