Syntactic Annotator

The syntactic annotator carries out slot grammar analyses on the sentences of a text. Slot grammar is a so-called unification based dependency grammar.

Depending on the installation, the syntactic annotator returns the analyses in a separate output window or writes them into a file that can be downloaded from the server. Alternatively, the system is connected as a front-end to a database for representation of texts and analyses and integrates the structures into the database and relates them to the corresponding sentences.


The window represents a slot grammar tree rotated by 90 degrees to the left, such that the top is left and the leaf nodes containing the lexical elements are on the right. The visualization is structured into three columns where the first represents the tree structure as such with the names of the edges connecting the items, the second represents the stems of the words recognized and the pointers to the corresponding lexical entries (complemented by role filling information) and the third column shows the morpho-syntactic annotation of the words.

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